Saturday, 7 February 2009

Exploring the world of erotic domination and submission

Erotic Fantasies Fulfilled is a recently-launched website that explores the world of erotic domination and submission.

It covers a wide spectrum of maledom, femdom and lesdom BDSM, including spanking, caning, enforced masturbation and orgasm control.

I'm tempted to describe it as a one-stop BDSM shop but in fact this erotica online magazine isn't a pay site - it's free.

At Erotic Fantasies Fulfilled, you can also enjoy excerpts from sexy stories, with photographs, plus poetry, by top contemporary erotica innovators.

The 16-page site - regularly updated and ever expanding - includes Dominant Ladies, Submissive Ladies, Catfighting and Damsels In Distress.

There is also an Erotica Review.

For the newbie to the BDSM scene, or someone thinking about dipping their toe into the waters, it provides an invaluable insight into what's hot.

For the more experienced, it's a handy reference guide that can save hours of trawling hundreds of directories and sites in a bid to find exactly what they want.

Above all, it's a professional-looking site and extremely well written and put together. These people are no amateurs, that's for sure.

As a bonus, there are even some tips on secrets of seduction and how to attract women and men.

Men dominating women, women dominating men, women dominating women, caning, spanking fetishes, erotic bondage, orgasm control, enforced masturbation, submissive ladies, strict mistresses, beautiful babes battling it out in catfighting action, and damsels in distress fantasy peril - who could ask for more?